Wellness Workshops and Sessions

All workshops and sessions are based on the cycles of Nature, which are part of the Sacred Circle of Life; they aim to help participants (re)connect deeply in their heart, restore balance and create wellness in their life.

All that's needed to begin is the willingness to look at things in a new way. 

What an amazing story it can turn  out to be!

See the Events page for a new Fall Equinox 2019

weekend workshop event!

?What are the sessions about

The sessions are based on the premise that adversity in any form, when no longer seen as an enemy, can become a helper (even if a painful, thorny one at first). 


To discover how this is possible, the sessions provide a safe space to acknowledge our blind and sensitive spots, to look at those things that are difficult to look at, to stretch our limits, to recognize our amazing potential, to grow, to explore the possibilites, to CONNECT... Ultimately, to REMEMBER who we truly are.


All of the energy spent fighting adversity can be used instead in a journey to transform personal stories of pain and hardship into tales of courage and grace.

This principle can be seen in the natural world: think of how pearls come into being...


This approach is based on very ancient, circular ways of relating to Life, where everything is interconnected, where every part (including each one of us) has a place, a role to play.


Ceremonies are used to create a safe vessel where we can truly be ourselves, where we can acknowledge, transform and release pain, where it's possible to find gratitude and restore and nurture balance in our relationship with any aspect of ourselves and Creation...  and in so doing, help restore health and wellness. These ancient ways have been helping humans live on the Earth for thousands of years. Which means that they work and that they are still relevant.

Here, in today's world, we can apply these ancient ways by taking time out for introspection through meditation and art sessions (including visual arts, but also storytelling, writing, song and music), done in nature and in ceremony to help us slow down, drop into our heart, and listen deeply to our inner Spirit, to that inner guidance.

Where better to get clear and wise solutions than through your own direct connection with the Source of All Life? 

And then what? 

It's up to you. Will you use the tools? Will you allow that deep connection to happen? Will you act on the answers you receive?

It can be such an amazing journey!

Stay tuned for upcoming group wellness workshops (Fall 2019) and private sessions in the Ottawa-Gatineau area that could include :

  • guided meditations, such as inner landscape journeys 

  • mask-making

  • sacred Wheel of Life mandalas 

  • somatic painting (Every cell in your body has consciousness. Wow!! Think about it..) 

  • working with dreams... and more!

You can also make suggestions and request a workshop by going to the Contact page and sending an email.

Nourish  your child's heart!  

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