Through the eyes of the heart





Changing our vision of the world


The entire world is alive and sentient. Our ancestors knew this and today, many are remembering...


The Earth truly is our mother: much like trees, we are rooted in her body, which continues to give us everything we need to thrive, despite the desecration and abuse that we keep inflicting. If you spend enough quiet time with your feet in the sand, or your hands in the rich, moist soil, or bathing in her waters, you will feel her consciousness and her love, and it will change your heart forever.


The Sky truly is our father: home of our Grandfather Sun who enables all life, and of our Grandmother Moon who regulates the waters, the great tides of the oceans and those of our hearts, our Father Sky sends life-giving rains, Thunder Beings and great cleansing winds, regulating the seasons, inspiring us, helping us dream the world into being.

Living in this physical world without acknowledging our relationship with a conscious universe everyday, in everything we do, without following the cycles of the seasons that mirror the cycles of our lives, without connecting with our Mother through our heart is the reason why, as a species, we are currently crafting our own disappearance.


We have thrown ourselves, and everything around us, out of balance. We have unplugged ourselves from our Mother to pursue what we think is progress, comfort, convenience and security. More, faster and better, right? But what do those things mean if everyone doesn't have access to shelter, to water, to food? And ultimately, if there is no more clean water or food at all? 

It is time to AWAKEN, to connect deeply within ourselves, with our bodies, with our hearts... and so, with the living, sentient universe. 

It's a sure way to heal our aching hearts, and the only way forward if we wish to leave our children and the generations to come a place to call home.

There are many ways to slow down and feel, see, hear... it can be as simple as taking time with a tree, or sitting by the water, even in the middle of a busy city.


But if you feel like you need help to slow down, to stop your busy mind from spinning, art and ceremony are especially effective, even more so in a natural setting with the help of our Mother Earth. 

Explore the possibilities!

Marie-Claude Charland, artist/helper/facilitator

Group workshops and individual healing sessions

Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada